Cottage Star Crib Set 6 Pieces



Cottage Star Crib Set 6 Pieces


The cottage star coordinates will dazzle your eyes with dynamic pastel green, blue and soft earth tones in home spun plaid designs. These plaid patterned eight cornered stars of different colors will make your kid feel happy at home in this crib set having a grey colored dust ruffle and also brighten your spirit. This fits any cottage setting.

Care Instruction:Machine washable. Washes well. Avoid bleach or strong chemicals. Use gentle hand wash cycle. Machine dry .Air fluff.

Items Qty: 1 Quilt Crib: 1 Bumper Pad Set: 4 Crib Pillows: 1 Diaper Stacker: 1 Sheet Crib: 1 Bed Skirt Crib