Natures Splendor Crib Set 6 Pieces



Natures Splendor Crib Set 6 Pieces


The wilderness in natures splendor will bring all the imaginable sights of new life in spring to your home. The scenes of bonding mallards, black bear and her cubs, fawn frolicking in the meadow, moose meandering in the woods and fresh wild flowers recreate nature. Many colors of soft green, cool blue water, and earth tone browns are put together beautifully.

Care Instruction:Machine washable. Washes well. Avoid bleach or strong chemicals. Use gentle hand wash cycle. Machine dry .Air fluff.

Items Qty: 1 Quilt Crib: 1 Bumper Pad Set: 4 Crib Pillows: 1 Diaper Stacker: 1 Sheet Crib: 1 Bed Skirt Crib: